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Higher Degree Studies:  

Initial Public Offers in a Multiple Issue Framework:  The Impact of Subsequent Equity Issues on Signalling by Underpricing and Retained Ownership
Awarded Doctor of Philosophy by The University of Sydney, 2003.

Published Articles:

Prospectus Earnings Forecasts: Evidence and Explanations
with Stephen Taylor, Mervyn Yee & Conrad Yee,
Australian Accounting Review, May 1993, Issue 5, Volume 3 No.1, pages 21-32.

Expected and Realised Returns for Singaporean IPOs: Initial and Long-run Analysis
with Terry Walter and Stephen Taylor
Pacific-Basin Finance Journal, July 1996, Volume 4 No. 2-3, pages 153-180.

Australian IPO Pricing in the Short and Long Run
with Terry Walter and Stephen Taylor
Journal of Banking and Finance, August 1996, Volume 20 No.7, pages 1189-1210.

IPO Underpricing Explanations: Implications from Investor Application and Allocation Schedules
with Terry Walter and Stephen Taylor
Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, December 1999, Volume 34 No.4, pages 425-444.

Unit Initial Public Offerings: Staged Equity or Signaling Mechanism?
with Martin Lee and Stephen Taylor
Accounting and Finance, March 2003, Volume 43 No.1, pages 63-85.

The Association between Auditor Quality, Accounting Disclosures and Firm-Specific Risk: Evidence from the Australian IPO Market
with Donald Stokes, Stephen Taylor and Terry Walter
Journal of Accounting and Public Policy, September-October 2003, Volume 22 Issue 5, pages 377-400.

Competition in the Market for Takeover Advisers
with Raymond da Silva Rosa, Michael Skott and Terry Walter
Australian Journal of Management
, November 2004, Volume 29 Special Issue, pages 61-92.

IPO Flipping in Australia: Cross-Sectional Explanations
with Luke Bayley and Terry Walter
Pacific-Basin Finance Journal, September 2006, Volume 14 No. 4, pages 327-348.  

Auditor Conservatism and Audit Quality: Evidence from Australian IPO Earnings Forecasts
with Sarah Taylor and Stephen Taylor
International Journal of Auditing, November 2006,Volume 10 Issue 3, pages 183–199.  
Teaching using Online Resources: Accessing or Creating the Needed Online Resources
with Graeme Dean, Robert Gray and Pearl Rozenberg
AIR Newsletter: Accounting Instructors' Report, Fall 2007, Article 6.  

Benchmark Management During Australia’s Transition to International Accounting Standards
with Sophie Bentwood
Abacus, April 2012, Volume 48, No 1, pages 59-85.

The following are some of the research projects I am working on:

Disclosure, Imperfect Information and the Development of an Equity Market
with Diane Hutchinson

Stock Market Activity Through the Decades                       
with Diane Hutchinson

Other Projects:
Unpublished Research Projects

Research Awards:
Chicago Mercantile Exchange Competitive Research Award - 1995
for "Expected and Realised Returns for Singaporean IPOs: Initial and Long-run Analysis"
with Terry Walter and Stephen Taylor

Australasian Finance and Banking Conference, 2002 Best Paper Award
for “IPO Flipping in Australia: Cross-Sectional Explanations”
with Luke Bayley and Terry Walter

Supervisions of Research Degrees:
B.Com Accounting (and Finance) Honour Students

Research Interests:
Other Topics in which I have a research interest .

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