Philip Lee's Unpublished Research

The following are some older research projects that I worked on:

Accounting-based Valuation and Takeover Premiums: Some Preliminary Evidence
with Sasha Levitt, Stephen Taylor and Terry Walter (Version: October 1999)

Australian Share Issue Privatizations: Balancing Finance and Politics
with Nicholas Steiner, Stephen Taylor and Terry Walter (Version: April 1999)

Market Reaction To Share Buybacks And Special Dividends Under A Tax Imputation System
with Raymond da Silva Rosa, Sylvia Preda and Terry Walter (Version: August 2000)

Are Security Analysts "Walked Down" to Beatable Forecasts ?
with Philip Brown, Stephen Taylor and Terry Walter (Version: September 2001)
Previously versions were known as The Extent of Bias and Revision in Analysts' Earnings Forecasts: Australian Evidence (Version: December 2000)

Corporate Disclosure Policy Around an IPO: Australian Evidence of Hyping
with Lee Johns (Version: December 2003)

The Value Relevance of Forward-Looking Disclosures: Evidence from IPO Earnings Forecasts
with Stephen Taylor and Kosala Wickramage (Version: December 2001 - First Draft)

What is the "Real" Cost of Going Public ?
with Chris Rock and Stephen Taylor (Version: May 2001 - First Draft)

The Voluntary Disclosure of Forecast Data by Australian IPOs
with Terry Walter and Stephen Taylor (Version: March 1995)

The Impact of changes in the Corporations Law on the Accuracy of Prospectus Earnings Forecasts
with Justin Cheung and Stephen Taylor (Version: May 2000)
(working on a new version with Wei Wu as an additional author)

Initial Public Offers in a Multiple Issue Framework: The Impact of Subsequent Equity Issues on Signalling by Underpricing and Retained Ownership

Initial Public Offers: A Review of the Literature and Bibliography

Valuation Effects of Operating Leases Capitalisation
with Michael Bradbury and Nicholas Rozario (January 2003)

Constructive Capitalisation of Operating Leases Commitments
with Michael Bradbury and Nicholas Rozario (December 2002)

Does Performance Improve Following Takeovers: The Use of Actual Cash Flows?
with Martin Bugeja and David Gibson (December 2005)

Takeover Wake-Up Calls: Evidence on Australian Unsuccessful Target Performance Improvement
with Martin Bugeja and Lachlan Whittaker (January 2006)

Disclosure, Imperfect Information and the Development of an Equity Market
with Diane Hutchinson (December 2005)

Stock Market Activity Through the Decades                       
with Diane Hutchinson

IPOs: Survival or Failure                       
with Maurice Peat and Richard Pettway

Changes in Continuous Disclosures                       
with Josephine Coffey

Philip Lee , August 2012.